Surf padLock | keylock 2021
Surf padLock | keylock 2021
Surf padLock | keylock 2021
Surf padLock | keylock 2021
Surf padLock | keylock 2021
Surf padLock | keylock 2021
Surf padLock | keylock 2021
Surf padLock | keylock 2021
Surf padLock | keylock 2021
Surf padLock | keylock 2021

Surf padLock | keylock 2021

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Are you struggling to find a way to keep your car safe while you go surfing? The Surf padLock is the ultimate solution for keeping your belongings safe while exploring the ocean and surfing for as much time as you want. This is an excellent investment if you're going to protect every item inside your vehicle while keeping any thieves away.

Why surf padLock?

Surf padLock is:

  • Very durable and made from the most rigid materials on the market.
  • It’s easy to use; you enter the desired combination and use it as you see fit.
  • You get to secure your vehicle without having to carry a key with you.
  • This product is ideal whenever you go on beach walks, jogging, boating, fishing and other similar activities.

Additional Description

It’s easier than ever to protect your items while surfing, be it car keys, electronics or anything else. Gone are the days when you were forced to keep someone ashore near your vehicle to avoid any thefts. All those times are long gone, all you need is the Surf padLock, and everything is protected. It can lock anything you want, and you will be the only one that knows the combination. Check it out today!

 Size Chart: Height Width 


Internal Measure 85mm 62mm 30mm
External Measure (with hanger) 171mm 95mm 40mm

External Measure (without hanger)

115mm 95mm  40mm


The key used in the photo is 99mm in height and ultimately touches the surface of the padlock. The key can get into the lockbox because it is being placed diagonally. This means that even bigger keys could be placed inside the lockbox, taking advantage of the 30mm depth. This keypad is one of the biggest in is the category! If you think your key will not fit, let us know. Therefore we can show you how big it is using a similar length key.

Check our video to see how to use the surf padlock and our product showcase with one of our models! If you need more information, visit the contact us page or send us a message on Instagram, we will be more than happy to give you all the help you need showing how the padlock works!

What if my key doesn't fit?

We know it's not easy to purchase a product like the surf keylock without being sure that your car key fits perfectly! That's why we offer a 30 days refund (check our returns condition), and we are more than happy to provide videos using an item with a similar size of your car key! The surf padlock from models and surf is one of the biggest in is this category!

10.000 combinations 

The best security that a keylock can provide with more than 10.000 combinations to choose from! To put it in perspective, trying a combination every 3 seconds would take more than one business day to figure out the right one! More than enough time to allow yourself to surf with peace of mind! 

Extra tough material for extreme wear

The material used for the surf padlock is extremely tough! We use extra tough material to give the protection that your belongings deserve meanwhile you're surfing! Moreover, the actual lock is positioned strategically, making any attempt much harder and giving you peace of mind while you're whacking all the waves!

What if my car is keyless?

Keyless is the new technology used to unlock and start the car just using a proximity sensor. This beautiful advance in technology brings pros and cons; one of the cons is the ability of "hiding" the key nearby your car.

The current version of the Keylock does not shield the RFID signal emitted by your FOB. Because every manufacturer uses different strengths, producing a keylock with an RFID blocker is a tough mission due to the way the signal is transmitted.
We've tried different aluminium bags, and unfortunately, they work only with a certain car model; therefore, we don't want to sell something that is not safe to our customers.

Keyless car - The simple solution

The fob transmits a unique low-frequency signal to the car's central system by air; therefore, to be able to lock your car and have the fob nearby, you need to suppress the signal emitted by the fob.

The simple solution is to use aluminium foil, which you use for cooking and find at your local Woolworth or Coles! Wrap your key with the foil, and just test it with your car. Depending on the manufacturer, you need to warp it 2 or 3 times.

This is the cheapest, safest and most convenient solution, as you could try even before purchasing the keylock. Aluminium to block the signal & KeyLock to safely store your car's key meanwhile surfing!

Removable Handler

The Surf Keylock from Models and Surf is unique in its category, as it features a removable handler that allows you to place the padlock in any problematic places!

After you lock the handler, the handler will not come out unless the combination is inserted in the lock pad and the lever situated inside the body is pulled.

This feature makes it perfect when you want to hang it in a difficult place to reach, as you can set the hanger and then very easily attach the keylock's body to it! Moreover, when the keylock is not used, you can save storage space, placing the hanger directly inside the locker! 

Models and Surf | Padlock Showcase

How to use Surf PadLock

Check our models showing how to use the Surf PadLock in this short video! She will show how to open the surf padlock, space inside to safely store a key meanwhile you're surfing and how to place the hanger on top!

Surf PadLock by Images



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Rob B.

Great seller

Thanks Alberto for sending me all the various videos! The lockbox arrived and you were right my car key fits perfectly! See you in the water when you come up in Byron!

Demi M.

I like the product, good size to fit multiple keys and car fob, it's great. It feels strong and that's really important. I just wanted to know if it is waterproof, or if it has a waterproof rating? Thank you

Leah S.
Australia Australia

Great product!

I'm not a surfer and I'm definitely not a model (!) but models and surf met my needs 100% with this product. I use it when I go swimming and it's been great. Super easy to use and plenty of room inside for my car key. A well-designed product I highly recommend. (I also live near their store and they dropped it off in my letterbox for me too - great service all round - very impressed).

Megan C.
Australia Australia

Surf lock

Great product, exactly as advertised and arrived very quickly.

Australia Australia

Quick delivery

Thanks for the quick delivery during this time! Really appreciated the gift for my kid! The lockbox works perfectly! Cheers Ben!