Surf padLock | keylock 2021
Surf padLock | keylock 2021
Surf padLock | keylock 2021
Surf padLock | keylock 2021
Surf padLock | keylock 2021
Surf padLock | keylock 2021
Surf padLock | keylock 2021
Surf padLock | keylock 2021
Surf padLock | keylock 2021
Surf padLock | keylock 2021
Surf padLock | keylock 2021
Surf padLock | keylock 2021

Surf padLock | keylock 2021

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Are you struggling to find a way to keep your car safe while you go surfing? The Surf padLock is the ultimate solution for keeping your belongings safe while exploring the ocean and surfing for as much time as you want. This is an excellent investment if you're going to protect every item inside your vehicle while keeping any thieves away.

Why surf padLock?

Surf padLock is:

  • Very durable and made from the toughest materials on the market.
  • It’s easy to use; you enter the desired combination and use it as you see fit.
  • You get to secure your vehicle without having to carry a key with you.
  • This product is ideal whenever you go on beach walks, jogging, boating, fishing and other similar activities.

Additional Description

It’s easier than ever to protect your items while surfing, be it car keys, electronics or anything else. Gone are the days when you were forced to keep someone ashore near your vehicle to avoid any thefts. All those times are long gone, all you need is the Surf padLock, and everything is protected. It can lock anything you want, and you will be the only one that knows the combination. Check it out today!

 Size Chart: Height Width 


Internal Measure 85mm 62mm 30mm
External Measure (with hanger) 171mm 95mm 40mm

External Measure (without hanger)

115mm 95mm  40mm


The key used in the photo is 99mm in height and completely touches the surface of the padlock. The key can get into the lockbox because it is being placed diagonally. This means that even bigger keys could be placed inside the lockbox, taking advantage of the 30mm depth. This keypad is one of the biggest in is the category! If you think your key will not fit, let us know. Therefore we can show you how big it is using a similar length key.

Check our video to see how to use the surf padlock and our product showcase with one of our models! If you need more information, visit the contact us page or send us a message on Instagram, we will be more than happy to give you all the help you need showing how the padlock works!

Models and Surf | Padlock Showcase


How to use Surf PadLock

Check our models showing how to use the Surf PadLock in this short video! She will show how to open the surf padlock, space inside to safely store a key meanwhile you're surfing and how to place the hanger on top!

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Rob B.
Great seller

Thanks Alberto for sending me all the various videos! The lockbox arrived and you were right my car key fits perfectly! See you in the water when you come up in Byron!

Australia Australia

I purchased the orange one, and now it is the most photographed item of my guest house! Great marketing, and thanks for all the patience with me; The keylock is perfect and fits my house key without any problem despite the fact is pretty big! Best regards, Rachel.

Models and Surf

Thanks Rachel!

Australia Australia
Thank you guys

Guys, you are legendary! Thanks for all the videos. In the end, the car key fit perfectly!

Australia Australia
Great Product

I purchased the surf padlock a few days ago, and after a few use, I can tell that I love it! The colour is fantastic. The other 3 friends purchased one! You should definitely give me a commission hihihi

Australia Australia
RFID Car Key

The trick you suggested worked 100%! I had no idea that the aluminium could be used to block the RFID from my keys! Thank you very much for all your patience; 5 starts customer service!