Surf Key Lock - Car Key Security Padlock for 2024

Surfing is about having fun, leaving all the fears and worries aside while just staying stoked and enjoying the ocean. That makes it incredibly interesting and rewarding, and you will find yourself full of extraordinary moments. With that said, it’s essential to protect yourself against any possible thieves near you and your vehicle as you go to the beach; A Surf Key Lock, sometimes called even a surf key safe or a car key security padlock, can help with that!

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Let’s face it, leaving the car keys inside your car, under a towel or even under a cap is not a good idea. A thief can easily spot them and eventually unlock and steal your vehicle. That’s something to avoid, which is why a solution like Surf Key Lock is perfect. With its help, you can prevent this type of problem, and in the end, you get to stay safe while avoiding any possible challenges that might arise in a situation like this. In the end, that will deliver a much better value and quality just by using a Surf Key Lock Box.

What is Surf Key Lock?

Surf Key Lock, also known as car key lock, is a reliable locking system that you can use to protect and secure your car keys. However, it does more than that since you can store various other accessories as you see fit. Once you start using it, the surf lock adapts to your needs. Plus, forcing it to open doesn’t work, as the product is highly durable and made with the best materials you can always rely on. That delivers an incredible experience and outstanding value, which is something to consider.

The main idea behind the surf lock is to offer you an excellent way to keep your vehicle safe without needing anything else. It eliminates concern, so you can go ahead and surf without issues. Of course, it can also be used in other situations where you want to leave your car key safe and reduce risk! You can never have too many safety features, so this approach does make a lot of sense, and it’s well worth checking out.

Are key lock boxes secure?

The Surf Key Lock is generally very safe; however, you should always check who the manufacturer is and the key lock's specifications! The models and surf PadLock met the highest security standard; as a matter of fact, it's easier for someone to smash your car windows rather than try to pick the safe lock! Remember that every step you take to mitigate the risk is a complication for thefts! Prevention and risk reduction is always better than doing nothing and exposing your belongings to malicious people! 

How many combination do you have for a 4 digit combination safe?

The number of combinations is relatively high! We're talking about 10.000 combinations with repetition (e.g. you use 2231, where you have one number repeated, in this case, the number TWO) or 5040 with no repetition! Imagine the time you spend if you want to guess the combination!

Where can you use the Surf Key Lock?

One of the significant advantages of the Surf Key Lock Box is that you can add it to different parts of your car.  Many people use the lock on wheels or in the door handler. Nevertheless, there are many possibilities; you only need to find a place to hang the padlock.

Once you discover the perfect spot to place the surf key lock, it's a fantastic way to keep your vehicle safe and away from danger. When you go surfing, your car can be very vulnerable at the end of the day, and thieves are known to stalk surfers and try to steal their items. That's why it makes a lot of sense to use a surf lock box because it delivers all the help you need while ensuring you are safe at every step. Just make sure that you use it properly and prevent any possible issues that might arise.

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The surf lock is ideal for roof racks, wheels, door handlers, and other car parts that can handle a hook. That’s the primary purpose of the item, and it does bring some excellent benefits and incredible results in no time. Plus, this way, you can be confident you can retain your safety and focus on the best experience.

How do you keep your car keys safe when surfing?

Are you an old-school surfer or a new one? Remember when you just put your wetsuit on and then hid your car key in whatever unsafe place? Well, those days are very far away! Today the surfing industry is booming, and everyone knows that surfers hide their car keys in an unsafe way, leaving in their cars valuable objects! To keep your car keys safe, you should use a surf padlock that helps you dramatically reduce the possibility of getting robbed.

What do you do with electronic keys when surfing?

New cars often come with a contactless key, and this means that you can't leave the car key nearby your vehicle unless you don't want it to leave it permanently open! This gives you three options:

  • Bringing the keys with you
  • Hiding them on the beach
  • Using a key safe lock with an aluminium bag

Option one and two are pretty unsafe. Therefore option 3 is the only viable one! The aluminium blocks the radiation from your contactless key, making it possible to store it in the safe key box close by to your vehicle. 

Where do surfers keep their keys?

Most of the time, in the most obvious place: on top of the wheel! Some get smarter and hide it a bit better, but still, there is no place safe if you're willing to "hide" your key! The best solution is to have a waterproof car key. Therefore you can bring it with you or store it in a safe car key box or surf padlock! Why do you want to risk your valuables?

Don’t you need a key for the Surf Key Lock Box?

This uses a combination-based system, which means you don’t need to worry about leaving your car keys outside. You can keep your keys in the car, unlock the surf lock and access your keys without a problem. Ultimately, that will help you greatly and give you a fantastic experience and outstanding value.

If you have more than one surf lock, you can have multiple combinations, which will help more than you might imagine. You will have even more ways to keep your vehicle immobile, thus eliminating any possible problems.

Everyone can use this lock, whether you go surfing, boating, fishing, or walking, and you want to be sure that your car is always safe. The locks themselves are super easy to use and can easily be adjusted to your requirements. Plus, storing the locks is just as simple. They are small so that you can put the lockbox in your pocket, pouch or any small storage space, and it will be ready for you to use the next day. It just doesn’t get better than this, which is why you must check out this approach and ensure that you obtain the best possible results every time. It will be well worth the effort in the long run, so try to consider the best results.

Can you change the lock combination?

The great thing about the surf lock is that you can always change the lock combination without any issues. Not only does it offer you a sense of safety, but even if someone sees the combination once, you can make sure they won’t be able to use it again and again. Personal safety is always crucial, and with such an approach, it will work better than you might imagine. It all comes down to personal safety and keeping the device ready to use whenever you need it.

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You should always take security very seriously, as you never know where thieves might come from, trying to steal your vehicle and all its items. With the surf lock, you know that no one will be able to steal any of your stuff. It eliminates concerns, and that, in the end, will offer much better benefits every time. You will certainly appreciate the quality and results; it can be worth the effort in the future.

How can you change the combination?

The way you change the surf lock combination is straightforward to understand. The idea is to go through a simple 4-step process, and you can do that in no time and without any problems. That will give the benefits and results you might be interested in.

  • First, you want to open up the lock and remove the sticker it has on the back.
  • Now you want to move the change level to the upper right corner. This will help unlock the surf lock and now you can set your own combination.
  • The way you change the number combination is simply via setting the dials and rotating them until you get to the desired number. It’s extremely important to take your time here and find a combination that you know no one will be able to uncover. If you don’t do so, others might be able to figure out your combination, and in the end it will become a problem.
  • Once you have the combination you are ok with, you can move the change lever back to the original position.
  • After you do that, the combination is set and you can’t change it unless you use the set combination to unlock everything. Don’t forget the lock combination, as you will not be able to unlock it unless you know the combination. So yes, the surf lock can protect you against anyone, including yourself. Make sure that you know exactly what you are doing and avoid any hassle, it will be well worth it if you do it right.

The surf lock does come with a bonus key clip and they even added an all-weather jacket for it as well. That means you never have to worry about any damage being done to your surf lock. It always works the way you want, and you can also protect your unit from any weather issues in the long run. It just doesn’t get any better than this, which is exactly what makes it a very good purchase for anyone that needs this type of item in the first place.

Multiple options to choose from

One of the core advantages of surf lock is that you have more than one lock option to choose from. There’s the handy lock that you can take with you anywhere you want. Then there’s the mini lock with shackle, maxi lock with shackle and wall mounted versions of the mini and maxi locks. That helps a lot, and it just makes the entire experience a whole lot better. You eliminate concerns, since you have access to the exact feature you need quick and easy. That can indeed make a huge difference if you tackle it accordingly and in an appropriate manner.

Why should you use something like the surf lock?

There are many reasons why the Surf Key Lock is a very good option for anyone that wants to go surfing without any worries.

  • It’s a very safe, reliable and durable system that helps you eliminate problems while focusing on the best results and experience. It’s easy to adapt to your own needs while also having the customizability you need when changing stuff at your leisure. It can be challenging to keep your vehicle safe when you go surfing, and a lot of cars were stolen this way. So it makes a lot of sense to give the surf lock a try, as it does have a lot of potential and the results themselves are great, to begin with.
  • This is a very durable lock system. It works flawlessly, it’s very durable, and in the end, that can provide an incredible experience. You have to give it a try for yourself, and you will be pleased with the features and added benefits.
  • Some of the Surf Lock versions have a shackle, if you want an added protection system. It just goes to show that you can obtain great results and an amazing value for money, all you have to do is to check that out for yourself and the payoff can be pretty impressive every time until you manage it correctly.
  • This is a system that you can use it without worries. They designed it from the ground up to be versatile, dependable and you will not have a problem adapting to the way this product can be used. You can also do a few trial systems until you make sure you know how to use it properly.
  • Since it’s a very reliable and versatile product, you can use it anywhere you want, well beyond its regular use. Some people use it to lock sheds, gates, trailers and many other things like that. It makes a lot of sense to check it out for yourself and give it a try, and in the end you will have a very good experience, which is something to keep in mind. That’s what matters the most, after all.


We recommend you use the Surf Lock if you want to make sure that you protect your vehicle or any precious items. Surfers will enjoy this lock system because not only is it durable, it’s dependable, and it gets the job done nicely. You have to check it out for yourself, use it, and be impressed with the results. It’s crucial to take personal safety seriously, and this product can give you all the results and benefits you need!

Where can I purchase a Surf Key Lock?

You can purchase Surf PadLock everywhere in the world, nevertheless if you want to purchase a surf key lock box nz (New Zealand) or surf key lock box Australia we definitely recommend to check out our website, where we offer shipping for both country, including remote are of Australia and remote area of New Zealand!

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Other names for Surf Key Lock

The surf key lock is known by a different name depending on the industry you're passionate about. In surfing, the most common names are:

  • Surf Key Lock
  • Surf PadLock
  • Surf Key Car Lock
  • Surf Key Lock Box

No matter what name is get assigned, the item in question is always the same. Therefore I hope you enjoyed this guide, and now you can make an informative decision and purchase the best surf padlock!


A list of Frequently Asked Question related to the surf key lock - car key security padlock!

How do you keep your car keys safe when surfing?

If you car key is water proof, the best solution is to bring the key with you! You can probably store it in your surfboard leash pocket! In case the key is electronic and is not waterproof, the surf key lock is the best alternative!

Where can I hide my car keys when surfing?

If you don't have a surf key lock with you, there are few places where you can hide your car key meanwhile you're surfing, nevertheless, remember that this places are very common:

  • Gas Cap
  • Behind the Tyre
  • In the Bumper
  • In the Shield

If you want to get more creative you can:

  • Hide the key in the sand
  • Hide the car key in the bush
  • Camouflage them with another item such a towel
  • Put it inside the surf wax carton box
  • Leave it at a local bar/kiosk

Where do Burglars look for keys?

The Burglars will always look nearby your tyres and under the bumper! If you're hiding your key in this two spot, please STOP! Purchase a surf PadLock or start to be more unpredictable, think outside the box and find a new place where to hide your keys meanwhile you're surfing!

How do you use a key padlock?

The majority of Surf Key Lock, car key security padlock works with a combination. The user needs to know precisely the PIN (Personal Identification Number) that allows the unlocking of the master pin; As soon as the master pin is released, you can open the lock. This answer can be used to reply the question: "how does a surf key lock work?"

What is a key lock for a car?

A key lock for a car is a tool that allows you to store your car's key into the key lock and attach it (e.g.) on the door's handle of your car, meanwhile you're surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, or whenever you don't want to carry your car's key with you. Usually, the key lock is a safe container that requires a PIN to unlock it; this means that it is keyless. 

Our lock boxes for keys safe?

Yes, they are safe; any action you can do to prevent a crime is a step further to increase the safety of your belonging. The most challenging you make for a car thief, the better!

What is the best lockbox to buy? 

You can find a different brand that can offer high quality and safe lockbox to purchase. If you're in Australia, we recommend the key lock surf padlock by models and surf.

Is a surf key lock secure?

The surf key locks provide an extra layer of security when you cannot bring your key with you. If the opportunity comes, a thief would always choose a car without a surf lock as it will be easier for him to find the key hidden rather than trying to picklock your surf safety lock box!

Where can I buy a surf key lock?

You can find a surf key lock in our website: purchase a surf key lock

Does a key safe invalidate insurance?

The key safe is a device that helps reduce the risk. Nonetheless, you should ask your insurance if you are covered if your car and your belongings are stolen. The device is still considered private property; therefore, any person touching it is still violating your personal belonging space.