🎁 Best Gifts For Surfers 2024

Finding the right gift for a surfer can always be a little tricky. That’s because surfers are known for being all about freedom, having fun and eliminating concerns. They are also very competitive, so it makes a lot of sense to find innovative, unique products that help make their life a little better. With that in mind, we created a quick list of surfer gifts ideal in this ultimate edition - 2024. You can find the best gift ideas for a surfer in the following list!

Discovering the perfect present for a surfer often poses a unique challenge, largely because surfers embody the spirit of freedom, revel in the joy of their sport, and strive to transcend ordinary concerns. They are inherently competitive, not just with others but with their own personal bests, always seeking to push the limit of what's possible on the waves. Therefore, it stands to reason that gifts for surfers should be as innovative and unique as their lifestyle, aimed at enhancing their experiences both on and off the water. In crafting this ultimate guide for 2024, we've curated a selection of gift ideas that resonate with the surfer's ethos—items that are not just functional, but also inspire a deeper connection with the essence of surfing. These ideas aim to enrich a surfer's life in meaningful ways, embodying the balance between challenge and fun that defines the surfing lifestyle.

Surf Lock

Surf Padlock 2024
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Every surfer wants to keep their items safe, so it’s vital to have some tool or product to protect a surfer’s car. The Surf Lock is unique because it’s a great lock that doesn’t have a key. All you need is to create a lock combination out of 4 numbers, which will be how you unlock it. Not only does this provide a perfect way to protect any surfer’s items, but it also removes the need to keep a key around constantly.

Things like this always work very well and can be adapted and adjusted accordingly. That’s why this is an excellent gift for surfers in 2024; it is convenient and keeps the car and any electronics or valuables inside the vehicle safe and away from prying eyes. The Surf Lock is not only for surfers, swimmers, surfers, people who walk on the beach, etc. The Surf PadLock is undoubtedly the product every surfer will love, primarily if he dealt with thieves in the past. Surf Lock removes any issues like that, and it just brings in front an extraordinary experience.

Surf Poncho

Surf Poncho 2024 collection
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A surf poncho is an ideal accessory for anyone who spends time at the beach, swimming pool, or just a shower! It can be used to change when you finish your session or to keep it warm during a cold winter day! The importance of the material is crucial, as you want something that is highly absorbent to dry the water quickly but at the same time comfortable and, why not, looking good too!

Do you need to change and don't have a bathroom nearby? The Poncho can solve the problem, as it would offer shelter from wind and cold and at the same time the opportunity to get changed, respecting your and everybody else privacy.

Bamboo Wax Comb

This Eco-friendly Surf Wax Comb is an everyday item for any surfer as they use it to remove the excess wax from the top of the surfboard and reshuffle it! Being made with bamboo is a better excuse to be gifted, as you are doing a favour to your friend and the planet by being 100% green and avoiding plastic waste that ends up in the oceans!

Plastic Surfboard Fins

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The surfboard fins made in plastic are a great accessory to have on any surf trip! Not only they are less expensive than any other surfboard fins made with other materials, but they are also very durable and can withstand rough conditions. Despite their lower cost, plastic fins can still provide good performance in a variety of surf conditions. They make a great gift for any surfer, and will surely be appreciated when they are needed. Consider gifting a set of plastic fins to your friend to have him/her remember you when they will be needed!

Surf Leash

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Having a surfboard leash (or leg rope) is essential for several reasons; one of the most important is the safety it brings; Having the leg rope attached to the board prevents you from losing the board and hitting somebody else down the line. On a typical surf day, it saves you the hassle of recovering your surfboard from the shore and, at the same time, offers you the convenience of reaching your board straight after a wipeout!

In summary, a surfboard leash is essential to practice this sport. It increases your and everyone else safety, gives you more control and is a convenient way to have your board close by every fall.

Wrap Rax

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These are great because you can transform your board into a complete surfboard carrier. It works great, it delivers the value you expect, and in the end you will be happy with the return for investment. Plus, you never have to worry about transporting the board properly. If you gift this to a surfer, he/she will fall in love with it fast.

Surfboard Wax

A must-have! Surfboard wax is the most used item without any doubt! If you gift one of this, you know that you're giving something that gonna be used! The Surf wax is essential in every single surf session as it's the simple trick to never slip off your board again!

A massage session

Surfer most of the time get painful backs, neck and shoulder. A massage is a very nice gift that can be used anytime to relief the stress of an intense surf activity or just to relax a bit!  This is one of the most rated gifts for surfer dads

Surf Book

There are tons of amazing surfing books out there. As a result, they can be the perfect gift for anyone that’s into surfing. They can be about that local area, the story of a surfer, you can even get things like surfing tips, tutorials and atlases. The sky is the limit here, you just need to find something that stands out and which provides the right amount of value.


That's a summer must! An item that is always in a surfer car and most of the time is empty out! Using sunscreen is very important, more here in Australia! It protects your skin from the UV rays lowering the risk of skin cancer and also prevent premature aging of the skin! Lots of benefit in a single gift

Surf video session / photo session

Hiring a videographer to record your friend while surfing is a very interesting and fun gift. It’s a great idea, especially if you do want your friend to have a cool and fun gift to remember in the long run. Plus, there’s a lot of creativity involved, and videographers can make some great edits. If you don’t want a video session, you can go for a photo session and find the adequate photographer for that.

Wetsuit Changing Mat

The wetsuit changing mat is great because you can leave all sand in the bag, while being clean at all times. You will find it easy to clean too, since you just put it in the shower and clean everything up. It’s a good product that delivers a lot of convenience.

Surfboard Bike Rack

If you ever tried to carry a surfboard while biking, you know that’s really hard to do. Thankfully, there’s a small accessory that you can use in order to carry the board while also riding without a problem. Simple items like these really help bring in a great experience, and the results themselves are pretty impressive if you do it right. Plus, the surfboard bike rack is not that expensive. You can get it at a really low price, and it will help you focus on biking, while also making sure that it all works the way you expect. You definitely want to give it a shot, since it’s a thoughtful and useful gift.

Balance Board

Every surfer needs to have a very good equilibrium. That’s why getting a balance board as a gift makes a lot of sense. Surfers can use it in order to maintain the right balance. On top of that, it helps improve the inner muscles, while also keeping the right balance. Yes, it’s not really something that can be used while surfing, but it’s a piece of equipment that does have a very good use. Even while on land, surfers can still use it in order to maintain the right balance or improve it as needed. That can make a huge difference in the long run. 

Wave Pool Session 

Recently, more and more businesses have started to develop wave pools for surfers, and many of them are trying out to tackle all those challenging waves. This is a great idea, and it does bring in front some amazing ideas. The best thing is that not only are there multiple categories to choose from, but you can gift a session for 1 hour, 2 hours or more. So it’s very customisable and easy to adapt in a situation like this.


It’s always a good idea to take your time as you find the best gift for surfers. The truth is that all these products are great, and they make for some thoughtful and unique gifts. Make sure that you browse the entire list and then find what options are ideal for your friend that surfs all the time!

Frequently Asked Questions

We had various client asking us questions, therefore we decided to create this little section where we will update the page with all the questions you've asked!

What is a good gift for a surfer?

The list that we've provided is very accurate. We want to give a summary: surf lock, bamboo wax comb, surf leash, wrap rax, surfboard wax, massage session, surf poncho, surf book, sunscreen, surf video session/photo session, wetsuit changing mat, surfboard bike rack, balance board, wave pool session.

What do you get a surfer girl?

Australia – where the sun hits the hardest; sunscreen is the best gift you ever give to anyone, nevertheless for a surfer girl; it's even better! She usually stays very long hours exposed to the sun, therefore having superior protection it's always a must!

What every surfer needs?

A surfboard, a surfboard leash, a set of surfboard fins and surf wax! Depending on the season, you need to add a wetsuit and some protection such as sunscreen and earplugs.

What do surfers use?

Surfers need bare minimum material: A surfboard, a leg rope, fins and a bit of wax! Nevertheless, the primary elements are the waves! Unlike any other sports, the surfers need to watch the forecast and be sure they are in the right spot at the right time.