Emily Francis Miguel-Leigh

Tell us your name and where are you from? 

My name is Emily Francis Miguel-Leigh and I grew up in a small rural town on the Mid North Coast.

Where do you consider home?

Right now, I consider Bondi home. If you asked me a year and a half ago I would've said Whistler, Canada and if you ask me a year and a half from now, hopefully i'm going to tell you it's Barcelona, New York, Tokyo or Paris. 

What's your experience with surfing?

I grew up being obsessed with surfing, living near Crescent Head, a famous surf town. My cousins and I used to go surfing there as kids during the school holidays. One of my favorite times surfing was in Tofino, Canada. The water is freezing year round, but it's the best surf spot in Canada!

What is your idea of happiness? 

>Happiness to me is simple. It's the small things. A warm cup of coffee in the morning, sitting in the sun reading, a swim in the ocean, cooking yourself a nourishing meal. Being surrounded by people who you love, and who love you. Doing something you are passionate about and something that fulfills you.