Surfing in Byron Bay

Byron bay is the dream place for many surfers in Australia! This little town located almost on the edge of the New South Whale's north border offers everything related to surfing from world-class waves to beginner-friendly spots allowing every surfer to find the best kind of wave based on their skills level!

Surf Spots in Byron Bay

The Wreck - Byron Bay

One of the most iconic surf spots in Byron Bay is the Wreck, taking his name from the SS Wollongba, a shipwreck on the 14th May of 1921. After unsuccessful attempts to re-float it, the decision was clear! The only alternative was to sell the parts of the ship that are still usable. Despite all the efforts, some of the pieces were not functional and can't be reused; That's why The rudder bar and boilers are often visible when the tide goes low, giving the Main beach that iconic and unique look.

Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced

Main Beach - Byron Bay

Main Beach is the "Town's Beach" located directly in front of the town. Offers many peaks that make this spot perfect for all types of surfers, from those who starting discovering surfing and the veteran ones! It's preferable to surf this beach with the high tide and South-West winds; the swell direction can vary from North (small waves), East (medium waves) up to East (big waves).

If you need any equipment or rent a surfboard, this is the place to be! All the local shop are across the street, including Byron Bay surf shop and Byron Bay surf rental!

Difficulty: Beginner to Advanced

The Pass - Byron Bay

If a beach can be a superstar, the winning one will be The Pass! The pass has acclaimed the most popular NSW's surf beaches and one of the best surf break for longboard! The wave is a long right that could extend for the entire bay when the swell is big enough. Bear in mind that being one of the most popular beaches is even one of the most crowded!

Difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate

Tallow Beach - Byron Bay

If you are in Byron Bay and want to get tubed, Tallow Beach is the surf spot for you! This break can offer solid right barrel waves when the swell is right! This beach is not suitable for beginners. Always keep an eye out for currents and rips!

Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced

Where to sleep in Byron Bay

Can I Sleep in my van in Byron Bay?

Absolutely yes, if you follow some rule and you park on a campsite! If you are planning to spend your night in your car in the city, DO NOT DO IT! it is strictly prohibited in town, moreover you can get a on-the-spot fine from $110 to $2,200 AUD! 

Where can I camp for free close to Byron Bay?

There are several place where you can camp for FREE (or very cheap) in Byron Bay:

  • Ballina Rest Area
  • Black Rocks campground
  • Lord William Rest Stop
  • Sleepy Hollow Rest Area
  • Bundjalung Rest Area
  • Boonah Bicentennial Park