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No matter which surfboard you have, we get you covered with a vast amount of surfboard fins! We have a compatible FCS, FCSII and Future fins set! 

We offer a various combination of surfboard fins models including Twin Fins, Thruster and Quad!
All the products are located in our warehouse in Whale Beach (NSW, 2107, Australia)

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The FCS (Fin Control System) is a type of surfboard fins set up, that allows you to have an interchangeable type of fins in your surfboard. The System has been founded in late 1995 in Gold Coast (Queensland, Australia) and is still one of the most used Fin Control System after more than 20 years. The idea is to have plugs to be placed underneath the surfboard that enables the surfer to use a set of screws to easily remove/add/replace a fin for storage or travel. 

The FCSII (Fin Control System Version Two) surfboard fins are the evolution of the FCS surfboard fins, the improvement consists in the ability to be able to mount and unmount the fins without the need of any external tooling and having a better drive having the fins completely inside the surfboard.
The Future system is a single-tab system for surfboard fins. Each surfboard fins is secured with a single screw vs the two needed for the FCS system, nevertheless include all the benefit of the FCS2 where the fins are located  

We even local pickup from our warehouse; 
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